Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not covered by your area, can you suggest anyone?

Yes, we have countrywide contacts that we trust and can recommend to you. Just give us a ring.

My dealer says I need a new ECU/Immobiliser. Is that right?

Main dealers do not have the equipment or skills to fix these parts, so they replace them (a job that can cost thousands). Autolox engineers can fix these parts at the side of the road for a greatly reduced price.

HELP! My key has broken in the lock!

Don’t panic, we’ll extract the broken half of the key and match it to the existing half. Using our specialist machinery we can cut you a replacement key – even if the old one is in two parts.

I lost my keys in the house, if I find them again will they still work after Autolox have cut me new keys?

In most cases, if you’re sure that you have lost them in a safe place then we can simply program new keys to the current data on your car. When you find your keys again they will work just the same as before.

My keys were stolen, will they be able to come back and steal my car after Autolox have cut me new keys?

Autolox will delete the old keys from the system and program you new keys. So no need to worry, the stolen keys will not be able to start the car.

I’ve locked my keys in the car, will you be able to get them out?

Yes. We are trained in the art of lock picking and will be able to get you your keys in no time at all. This method is 100% damage free.

How long will it take you to complete the job?

Every job is different and presents it’s own set of challenges, so it’s impossible to give an exact completion time. We aim to complete jobs within two hours.

Are you able to provide keys for my make/model of vehicle?

Our equipment allows us to cover 95% of all cars and vans, so it’s very likely that we are able to carry out the necessary work on your vehicle. Ring us for a quote.

Are you cheaper than the main dealers?

The vast majority of the time we can beat main dealer prices.

Have a question for us that’s not listed above? Contact Autolox directly.