Areas Covered: Crawley & Gatwick

We cover Crawley and ALL surrounding areas.

Autolox have been working in Crawley for many years – our very first job after creating the company Autolox was gaining entry to the boot of a brand new E-Class Mercedes after a customer had locked their keys inside by mistake. That was a long time ago and over the years we’ve grown to be a well respected company throughout Crawley.

We do work for both private and trade customers. Lifestyle Ford, SD Commercials, Franky Does It, Shipley Bridge Garage, AJD Motors and Taylor’s Pitstop are just a handful of our regular trade customers.

Gatwick Lost Car Key Replacement

We replace a lot of car keys at Gatwick Airport for customers that have simply lost them, or are unfortunate enough to have had their car keys stolen whilst on holiday. We are well known to the Gatwick car park attendants and valet parking companies. We have permission to work on vehicles inside the Gatwick Airport area.

Another common job is opening cars with keys locked inside them. When in a rush and putting luggage into the car ready for a holiday, it’s very easy to accidentally lock your car keys inside. Autolox are happy to retrieve your keys by picking the lock on your vehicle – this is a damage free method of entry.

So whether you’ve locked your keys in the car, or need replacement car keys in the area of Crawley and Gatwick – feel free to ring us for help.

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