Areas Covered: Croydon

We have an auto locksmith that lives in Croydon, so you can expect great response times when you ring us with an emergency. We can also offer you our best prices as we don’t add any fuel costs for jobs in Croydon or Bromley.

Our engineers specialise in car keys and remotes. We can replace lost car keys, extract broken keys and repair remotes. We are also the best in the business when it comes to picking and decoding locks. So for emergency situations, give us a call and you’ll be back on the road again in no time.

Our replacement car key service is a quick and cheap solution. We start by picking the lock to your car to gain entry, then we decode your locks using specialist tools that enable us to read the key cutting code without physically removing the lock barrel.

Once we have cut the blade of your key we then move onto the programming stage. All cars after 1995 are fitted with immobilisers – this means that all cars nowadays have a tiny chip in the head of the key that requires programming to the immobilisers. Our computers program this chip (called a transponder), which enables your vehicle to start. Job done!

In some cases we can now upgrade your old remote to the flip-out variety!

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