Range Rover L322 2002-2006 Lost Key Replacement


NOTE 1: Please check our  \’areas covered\’ page to see if you fall within our catchment area. We do not travel outside of this set area. Customers outside this area can post us the EWS / LEAR immobiliser box (located in front of the handbrake lever) along with the door or ignition lock barrel; we will then return these items with a working key. Please e-mail us for further instructions –

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer a solution for lost keys on the L322 chassis Range Rover. We can even offer you this solution if you have no keys at all for the vehicle; you’ll get a brand new three button remote flip key to replace the one you’ve lost.

At present we are only able to offer this service to Range Rovers fitted with BMW engines, these engines are:

BMW M62 4.4l V8 Petrol (2002-2006)
BMW M57 3.0l TD6 Diesel (2002-2006)

The above vehicles are fitted with BMW’s EWS immobiliser system. We can write new keys directly to the immobiliser box – this is a same-day solution!

So whether you’ve lost your keys, had them stolen, or simply just need a spare Range Rover key please give us a ring on 01732 758 302.


UPDATE: After a number of requests we are now able to disable stolen or lost keys on the above vehicles. Your lost/stolen keys will never be able to start your vehicle again.

27 thoughts on “Range Rover L322 2002-2006 Lost Key Replacement”

  1. Hi – I recently purchased a L322 Range Rover Sept 2004 with only one key and need to purchase a replacement.

    Price please ?

  2. Hello. I’m Max.
    I need a spare key for my range rover vogue 2004 td6 bmw engine. Pls advise how I can get a copy. I have the original and just want a spare. My cell: 07990976740 in London.

  3. Erdenebat Rentsen

    I lost my L322 BMW M57 3.0l TD6 Diesel I do not have spare what should I do ?
    please help me
    +976 91017110

    1. You have a few choices:

      1) Order a new key from your local Land Rover Dealership.
      2) Arrange an Auto Locksmith that covers your area to attend your vehicle and make you a new key.
      3) Post me the EWS immobiliser and ignition or door lock and I will send them back with a working key. We are a UK company. If you would like to do this then please e-mail me for more details –

  4. Hello,

    I have a 2002 4.4 Vogue and have two keys. One is a blank, in bits in a bag and the other is the normal Key. What information would I need to send to you to get this blank key working?


    1. Hi Phil,

      I imagine the blank and bits you have is simply a remote key case. This won’t have a transponder chip or circuit board with it and as such will never start your car. We supply spare keys for this vehicle – please check our ‘Areas Covered’ page to see if you fall within our work radius. Then give us a call and we can quote you on a spare remote key.

      Many thanks,


  5. Hi,

    The remote side of my 2004 L322 HSE key has stopped working. How much for a replacement? It would need to be posted to New Zealand

    1. Hi Alistair,

      Unfortunately we need to be at the vehicle to create keys to it. However – if you’d like to fund the trip for us to visit New Zealand then we will do your key for free :).

  6. Hi, I have just purchased a 2010 Range Rover 3.6 V8 diesel. I have only received 1 key. How do I obtain a duplicate 2nd key and how much will it cost? Today Land Rover quoted me almost £300 including programming and VAT. Ouch!

    1. Hi Simon,

      A good auto locksmith will be able to supply you with a spare remote for your vehicle (and save you money). Please check our ‘areas covered’ page and feel free to call us for a quote if fall within our catchment area.

  7. I have a Range Rover sport 2006 diesel with one key and now often not working I need one more key can you help me

  8. Hello, I opened up my damaged keyfob today and my transponder chip fell out. I now can’t turn my ignition. Can you please tell me how much yout with charge for a new key with transponder chip if I send you the door lock and EWS? And also what the turnaround is please? Thanks

    1. Hi Jon,

      In this instance, we would only need your EWS box and the key (the lock is only required if a key needs to be cut). We will program a new chip to the EWS and send it back the same day.

  9. Hi,
    I have an 04 Range Rover Vogue L322 and I need a new spare key supplied and programmed. What is the price please.

  10. Hi I’ve a 3 litre td6 2004 and the buttons are worn and having trouble to unlock the doors what price would it be to replace with either a flip key or just the 3 button key

  11. purchased 06 range rover supercharged v8 4.2 from copart with no keys. how would i go about getting keys made?

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