Vauxhall Corsa D – Car Won’t Start After Flat Battery – Immobilised – P1632 / P1678 / P1679 / B3114 / B3925 / B3929 / B3977

NOTE 1: Please check our  ‘areas covered’ page to see if you fall within our catchment area. We do not travel outside of this set area. Customers outside this area must arrange recovery to Westerham, Kent if they would like us to fix their vehicle.

NOTE 2: The only vehicle affected by the below issue is the Corsa D. No other vehicle in the Vauxhall range is affected. 

The Vauxhall Corsa D was made between 2006 and 2014, the problem I\’m about to describe usually only affects the vehicles made in the earlier years of this time period (up to around 2009).

What are the symptoms of this fault?

The car will not start. You will also notice a flashing light on the dash – a car with a spanner through the centre (see picture below).


The car will also store some or all of the following fault codes:

P1632 – Wrong Transponder Key
P1678 – ECM (Engine Control Module) Identification Failed
P1679 – Wrong Environment Identifier Received BCM (Body Control Module)
B3114 – Remote Key Not Synchronized
B3925 – Wrong Environment Identifier Received IPC (Instrument Cluster)
B3929 – Wrong Environment Identifier Received SDM (Airbag)
B3977 – Wrong Environment Identifier Received ECM (Engine Control Module)

When does the fault occur?

This fault occurs when attempting to start the vehicle with a flat battery.

What does the fault mean?

When attempting to start the vehicle with a flat battery the BCM (Body Control Module) has insufficient power to perform it\’s functions and the data held on this module corrupts. Now, with the data corrupted, it can no longer communicate correctly with the other modules in the car – it see\’s the BCM as an \’unmatched part\’ and considers this a security risk – the vehicle is now immobilsed.

BCM – The Body Control Module is responsible for multiple functions on the vehicle  – immobiliser, remote central locking, windscreen wipers, headlights, indicators etc…

ECM – The Engine Control Module is responsible for monitoring and controlling all major aspects of your engine – fuel, air, ignition etc…

IPC – The Instrument Cluster contains your speedometer, rev counter and dash warning lights (the part behind your steering wheel).

SDM – The Airbag Module is a safety module controlling your airbags.

How do I fix the problem?

Genuine Tech 2 Vauxhall diagnostics are needed to fix this issue. The BCM (Body Control Module) must be reset and reprogrammed to match the other security modules within the vehicle.

Does my car need to go to the main dealers?

No! We have genuine Tech 2 diagnostics and can fix this problem for you in no time at all. We have fixed this common problem many times already.

How much does it cost?

We charge a flat rate of £150 for this service (see areas covered page). No hidden costs. Please feel free to give us a ring!

65 thoughts on “Vauxhall Corsa D – Car Won’t Start After Flat Battery – Immobilised – P1632 / P1678 / P1679 / B3114 / B3925 / B3929 / B3977”

    1. Hi Ali. Please check our ‘areas covered’ page to see if we cover your location. If you are in our area then we will happily fix your issue – just give us a call to book an appointment. Many thanks, Autolox.

  1. Hi there… I live in bournemouth, i know i’m outside of your work area but do you know or recommend someone who can do it? As im having exacly the same codes as you state and the car won’t enen crank over

  2. Hi I have this problem too with my Vauxhall Corsa 1.4 SXI 2008, my central locking, lights, wipers etc still work, it just won’t turn over.. I have had new battery fitted.. Same problem, I did try start the car on flat battery and the flashing spanner light comes up, would this be the BCM?

  3. Okay thanks I just wasn’t sure as it says the BCM is responsible for locks, wipers etc.. Taking it to a place tommorow hopefully won’t have to go to Vauxhall, any idea how much the dealer would charge? Many thanks

    1. You are correct in thinking the BCM is responsible for those other features – although they are not affected by the issue described. Vauxhall SHOULD charge around £150 although I have had reports of them charging extortionate amounts to ‘diagnose the issue’.

  4. That was the problem, all sorted now I did need my Vauxhall car pass code details which Vauxhall asked for £35 and could take 2 days to receive, I got them through an online supplier for £25 within a few hours!

  5. Hi there iv got a Vauxhall Corsa CDTI 1.3 2009 did start when I brought it but went off tryed starting it but the battery went flat so replaced the battery did start but cuts out when spanner light came on but now not even turning over iv got spanner light on and battery light on and says F symbol by the mileage dont know what that stand for but not even turning over now click noise by the fuse box do you think I need to reprogramme it or somethink I’m in Birmingham

  6. My 2008 1.3 , when I turn key not turning over just dead like battery completely flat? When I turn the key all the way the red battery light disappears, when I release key it comes back?? Radio and all other things are working but it’s just dead like an immobileser has kicked in
    Ecu or bcm?

    1. Hi Ranj,

      This is not an immobiliser / BCM issue. You need to trace the missing 12v feed from the starter back to see where the issue lies. It could potentially be an ECU problem but you must first confirm this with the aid of a wiring diagram.

    2. My 2008 1.4 , had a flat battery and had it jumped started when I turn key not turning over and had immobiliser light flashing . When I turn the key all the way the red battery light disappears, when I release key it comes back . The codes were P1632 P1678 P1679 . Do you reckon I need to reprogram key and wht about the ECU and bcm thanks

      1. Hi Yousuf,

        It seems like you have the issue described above. If you are in our catchment area then please contact us or alternatively get the vehicle recovered to the main dealers.

  7. Hi ,
    My corsa 2007 reg battery was flat for more than a month and I changed with new battery ! After changing with new battery red battery sign and a car with a spanner through the centre are showing on screen ! And it is not Turning the ignition but radio or other light are working fine ! Can you help me what is this and why it is happening and if you can help by fixing it ? Thanks

    1. Hi Chris,

      Unfortunately, Bridgewater is outside of our catchment area. I suggest finding someone more local to you. If you really get stuck then feel free to arrange recovery to us and we will fix the issue.

  8. Hi. I seem to have this issue but the service light is solid. However my scanner can’t communicate with the car. Help please

    1. Hi Jose,

      In it’s normal state the car/spanner light should be solid. You do not have the issue described in this blog. I suggest you get the vehicle looked at by a professional to diagnose your issue.

  9. i have corsa 1.3cdti 2009 model ecoflex .
    which was left for a couple of weeks , and it wouldnt start, not even turn over , all dash lights work, radio,etc. so i put it on op com and it come up with fault p0685-01 main relay circuit high voltage. part number 555683883 , which comes up as ecu, so i sent of ecu to be repaired as i was informed they suffer water damage. ive had ecu back but car the same , so when i plugged op-com in to source problem it came up with it couldnt no communication with ecu now , all what happens now is that f comes up on dash, spanner light is on , and weirdly of all the engine cooling fan stays on now .
    anyone have a clue

    1. Hi John,

      Usually, this issue can be resolved by a simple battery reset. I’m concerned that the ‘ECU repair’ has done more harm than good. The vehicle needs to be recovered to a Vauxhall specialist.

  10. Hi there,

    I have Corsa SXI 1.3 Ecoflex that was not used for over 7 weeks and I cant even unlock the vehicle. Drivers side lock does not react when trying to unlock with ket mechanically. Is there any solution to this?
    Car is in London Islington.

    1. Hi Robert

      First of all try changing the battery in your remote. If this has no effect then spray GT85 into the door lock several times – then try the key again. It will help if you wiggle the key up and down whilst trying to turn it.

  11. Hi,
    I have a corsa D 2008. My battery died and tried jump starting it, didn’t work. Called breakdown and they came but couldn’t get it starting with normal and spare key. Light with spanner was flashing and had the ‘F’ displayed where the time is usually displayed. All central locking, windows all the power had failed. Garage ran checks and found these 3 issues. Was wondering if you could say what the next best step would be for me please. If I may need new keys, a new battery etc?


  12. Hi I have a corsa D, no communication with SDM and no communication with IPC, its communicating with BCM…spanner flashing, no crank and I need to code the key…plz be of assistance

    1. You must first fix the communication issues with the SDM and IPC. I suggest recovering the vehicle to a garage with trained auto diagnostic and electrical technicians.

  13. We have a 2014 Corsa D 1.2 Limited edition.
    Was running fine till the 24th December 2018
    Went to it December 25th around 6pm,
    Car unlocked ok put key in the Ignition and nothing,
    No ignition lights no cranking.

    Hazzard light switch illuminates, Windows work and hazzards – side lights,
    Nothing else. Im now at a loose end as Op-com wont speak to the BCM so i believe the BCM is now dead

    Any advice would be great fully appreciated.

    1. Please try this first: Disconnect both positive and negative leads from the battery. Now they are disconnected, use a spanner (or another metal object) to link the two disconnected leads together – hold this for 30 seconds. Reconnect the battery and try to start the vehicle.

      If this does not work you will have to recover the vehicle to the main agent or a qualified garage. The above blog post only concerns vehicles up to 2009.

  14. Hi, my daughter has a 1.2 Sxi 2005, i changed the battery on it now the car turns over but wont start.
    The spanner light stays solid , any ideas please ?

  15. Hi
    I have a Corsa D 61 plate. The spanner light came on and it went into a ‘limp’ mode. It then went off and was driving fine. I took it to the garage anyway and they cleared about 30 codes off it. They said the bcm may need replacing and that’s why my rear de-mister and air con don’t work. But it’s driving fine now?? They also said if this is the case I might as well sell it and get a different car??! Can you help shed some light on the situation??

    1. Unfortunately I cannot diagnose your issue without being at the vehicle. I can however, tell you that the issue in this article does not apply to your vehicle.

      If it does need a new body control module, then a used module can be coded using genuine diagnostics. This will keep the costs down.

  16. hi i have a corsa d was driving fine then whilst driving it lost all power and stopped and wouldnt start again disconected battery and she started ok but next day same thing all lights came on found code u2107 it has an f coming on on dash any help be appreciated

  17. I have a corsa d 2009 1.6 turbo. Was driving the car and it just cuts out. Does not want to start again. I have 2 F’s o the dashboard have put in a new battery still the same

    1. As explained to the previous poster;this issued is not what is described in my article. You must get the vehicle looked at by a qualified diagnostic technician.

  18. Hi there, I’m having the same problem. I am based up in Scotland and am so out of your area. Do you know what it would take to fix this issue? Do I need to take it to Vauxhall themselves and call my breakdown to take it there or is there a simpler way? My car has broken down outside an MOT garage who were working on my car before it happened. Also, is it likely to have been caused as a result of their work or is it more of a wear and tear issue? Vauxhall quoted me £200 which well exceeded my expectations of the expense for the repair, hence why I’m looking for a simpler way. The car is also 50 minutes away from the nearest Vauxhall garage. Let me know if you can answer any of these questions. Many Thanks!!

    1. Hi. Other than finding someone with dealer level kit that can attend your vehicle at it’s current location, the only other option would be a recovery to the main dealers. I can’t comment on whether or not the garage caused the issue. The issue occurs when trying to start the vehicle on a flat battery; it could be that the battery is just old and flat and in need replacing (I advise you to have this done before getting any programming work done).

  19. Hi there, I have a 2007 1.2 corsa D.
    It keeps having an intermittent fault whereby you will occasionally go to the car only to find it wont start or turn over. Following a diagnostic scan its saying that an immobiliser fault has been logged along with communication issues with the bcm
    The bcm has been updated with the latest vauxhall dealer software and vehicle battery tested and working as should be.
    Any thoughts as to why this is happening?
    Kind regards

  20. Hi

    I have a vauxhall corsa 08. My car wouldn’t start but I have replaced the battery. When turning the key to ignition the car icon with the spanner flashes and the airbag icon lights up.
    Is this a BCM issue?

  21. Surly every time you disconnect a battery on a Vauxhall Corsa you don’t need to reset the key or bcm? I’m having the same problem with a Corsa breez 2008 flashing spanner no crank , had a mechanic diagnostic it said key error, changed all battery’s in key fob everything working except the crank ..

    1. Hi Will,

      That’s right. As long as you don’t try to start the vehicle with a bad battery or whilst the battery is disconnected then you’ll be fine. You should always have the ignition off and the key out of the ignition any time you are disconnecting a vehicle battery. It sounds like you have triggered the issue described in this blog somehow.

  22. James Skipworth

    Hi there, my 07 Corsa 1L has similar symptoms (flashing spanner) but also has solid engine, battery and oil lights but also no error codes are thrown on obd. Do you think this could be the issue? It has been sitting for a while with a dead battery.

    1. Hi James,

      The spanner light is indicative of the issue described in this blog.

      The other lights you describe are behaving normally.

      I would hazard a guess at the reading from your OBD diagnostics is false. A fault code would definitely be triggered by the flashing spanner symbol.

      If you are in our area then you are more than welcome to call us to arrange a visit.

  23. Orlando Pietersen

    Hi. I’m busy with a Chev Utility 2014 model Corsa D system. Battery ran down. Replaced battery now the spanner light is flashing. I’m getting Ecu negative response code 85. How do I solve this issue?

    1. Hi Orlando,

      If the vehicle is using the engine, ECU and BCM from a Corsa D then you would be able to solve the issue with Vauxhall Tech2 diagnostics.

  24. Good morning,
    I have a 1.4 Corsa 2008 Design, had a flat battery and now the vehicle is immobilised. The RAC put a new battery on and I had a locksmith out yesterday with diagnostics to re programme keys but they were unable too, they have advised ecm, bcm and immobilisation system which should be married together are not communicating.

    This appears to be my issue above and unfortunately you are not local to me which is a real shame. Previous to this the car has been really reliable, body work not great and 96000 miles but interior is fine, if I go to Vauxhall dealer for this I’m concerned price will be more the value of the vehicle, do you have any suggestions or fellow trade persons you know of in Oxfordshire please?

    Many thanks Nick

  25. Hi there. I have a Vauxhall corsa D 2010 a14xer. We inserted a battery with dead cells. It won’t start or crank. When ignition is turned on, the engine light disappears. Had an electrician check all the wiring and fuses but he can’t seem to find the problem. No diagnostic software is able to Engine codes. There is no communication to the bcm. All I see is the Abs light and power steering light on the dash. Do you have any idea what could be wrong

    1. Hi Sharon,

      An auto electrician should be working from a manufacturer wiring diagram to check where the issue lies. If your auto electrician has failed to diagnose the issue then I can only suggest you find someone more experienced to look at the vehicle.

  26. Hie
    I have also a vauxhall corsa d 1.4 which continues flashing vehicle with a spanner through. This was also after attempting to start the vehicle in flat battery. Would you recommend anyone I am in Zimbabwe

  27. I have a similar problem with my newer Corsa d built in 2011 . When starting it starts then cuts out. Flashing spanner on the dash. Take key out and put the key back in and it restarts no issue. It only started after the battery went dead. Did not realise this was a issue with this car. Is it something you can look at as I live in Gillingham Kent.

    1. Hi Barry,

      This is not the same issue as the issue described in this article. Your issue sounds like an electrical fault and not something we can help with.

  28. Hi I have a Corsa D – 2008 -1.4 petrol engine. Battery was failing ( no warnings on dashboard). Was able to start via battery pack but suspect higer voltage not good thing for BCM. AA changed the battery under warranty but car would not start, their diagnosis was immobiliser/bcm issues which they could not resolved. Recommended a local auto locksmith who confirmed the issue and attempted twice to reset BCM. Although his equipment showed he had reprogrammed both keys and BCM car still refuses to start. Im getting P1632 and P1679 errors when using my own cheap non professional diagnostics tool and flashing spanner. He didnt ask for security code which I thought he would need. Friend said possible water ingress in ECU but I suspect auto locksmith did not complete BCM programming. Any thoughts?

    1. Hi Chris, without looking at the vehicle it’s hard to comment. Water ingress in the ECU is on diesel models so I doubt yours is affected. There are a lot of diagnostic tools which claim to reprogram BCM’s and go through the process but don’t get the desired results.

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