Isuzu Grafter / N-Series Lost Key Replacement and Spare Keys

Isuzu Grafter / N-Series Lost Key Replacement and Spare Keys

Isuzu Grafter / N-Series Lost Key Replacement and Spare Keys

This article covers all Isuzu Grafter vehicles and also all of the N-Series Isuzu trucks (eg NPR, NKR, N35, NPS etc…). They both use the same key and immobiliser system so for the purpose of this article I will only refer to the Grafter from here on out.

The Isuzu Grafter uses a unique key blank that we now keep in stock. The vehicle is also fitted with a factory immobiliser system. This immobiliser system reads a small transponder chip embedded into the head of the key when you turn the ignition to the ‘on position’ – the immobiliser then tells the main engine computer (ECU) whether to start the engine or not. If the chip is programmed then the vehicle will start; likewise, if the chip is unprogrammed or blank then the vehicle will refuse to start.

Lost Keys – No Spare

In normal circumstances if you have lost all keys then the owner of the vehicle would have to have their vehicle recovered to an Isuzu dealership, order a key, wait several working days for the key to arrive and then pay to have it programmed to the vehicle. Not only is this very costly – you could potentially lose the use of the vehicle for a week or more.

But don’t worry! We can attend the vehicle at it’s current location, cut a key to your existing locks and program a chip to start your engine – all of this can usually be done as a same day service!

So if you need Isuzu Grafter keys then call us on 01732 758302 for a quote.

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  1. steve springett

    autolox. what a great company spoke to kirk on Monday he said this week it’s only Wednesday All sorted. he text with eta time very professional and on time. great service and a great price. was quoted over £150.00 elsewhere. cannot fault them. I’m sure I will be back. and will recommend to all. thanks again kirk top man

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