Smart Car – Indicators Flashing Nine Times

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Smart Cars have a very clever built in system that tells you when the key fob battery is running low and requires changing. When unlocking the car the indicators will flash nine times – and the car will unlock.

The problem is, most customers don’t know about this nifty little feature. Most people also don’t realise that the vehicle’s immobiliser is controlled by the remote. Once the key fob’s battery completely runs out, the remote will lose sync with the vehicle and you will no longer be able to start the car –even if you change the battery!

So what’s the solution to this problem?

Well, the first thing to try is to change the key fob’s battery. There’s a chance that your dead battery still has enough life in it to stay synced to your vehicle. I will list the types of battery needed for each model at the end of this article.

If the above doesn’t work then it’s time to get your key re-synced to your vehicle. This requires expensive diagnostic equipment and needs to be done by a professional. Fortunately Autolox can do this for you quickly and cheaply. We come to you and will have your Smart Car back on the road the very same day.

So if you are in this situation – please just give me a ring and speak to an experienced locksmith on 07776 222 722.


Types of Battery

Early 600cc (One button key) = 2x CR2016
Fortwo 600cc = CR1225
Fortwo 700cc = CR1225
Fortwo 800cc = CR1225
Fortwo 999cc = CR2016
Forfour = CR2016
Roadster = CR1225
Crossblade = CR1225

We also stock and sell a huge range of car key batteries.

8 thoughts on “Smart Car – Indicators Flashing Nine Times”

  1. Just experienced this myself, lucky I got there in time and new battery fitted saved the day, I have a spare key but need it programming to the cars immobiliser, can Autolox do this for a rwasonable cost?
    Thanks for the info

    1. Hi Paul,

      Yes we can program your spare key for you – did you purchase this from the main dealers?

      Price for this service is £75 (please check our areas covered page).

      Many thanks – Autolox – 07776 222 722.

  2. I took your advice on this as my 7 year old smart car that i bought a week ago started flashing 9 times when locking the car. I tried the spare key which i had just put a new battery in and that flashed the indicator lamps 3 times ,but the next time i tried to lock it the 9 times flashing started again, Any help with this would be much appreciated. now sent off for another battery for the key from ebay

      1. Robin Hood (for real)

        I read the comment about when unlocking the car and lights flashing 9 times. Never paid attention to this although I did notice this happening in my case. So, I replaced the battery in the key Fob today, and there you have it, lights now flash once, gap, then 3 times. Great advice and thank you.

        On another the point, could this have had something to do with my battery currently struggling to start my car first thing in the morning? Battery was bought just over two years ago just before lockdown, and yes, the car has not been used much over that period – I’m retired. Also, ESP light stays on and message in the right hand dial says ESP, take to workshop. Drive for a couple of hundred yards, pull over, switch off, restart with full battery power and ESP light goes off. No problem starting for the rest of the day.

        Next morning, same old groan, …..groan, …..groan and just when you think battery is about to say “Bye for now”, the car miraculously starts. Car is a 2004 Smart Forfour Passion 1.5 diesel 90HP, 130,000 miles.

        By the way, could this perhaps be injectors?

        Your comment wold be appreciated, and thank you in anticipation.

        1. I’m pleased my article helped you! Nothing in this article would cause any of the other problems you’ve listed.

          I suggest getting a free vehicle battery test done at a garage or your local Halfords. Even though it was only replaced a short while ago it may have sustained damage due to not being used for extended periods of time.

          Many thanks , Autolox.

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